Photo Credit: Zainal Yahya


Name: Gaye Sameer Alassane

Age: 19

Club: Balestier Khalsa Football Club

Position: Winger / Striker

Individual Questions:

When did you start your career in football?

– 2015.

 What made you want to pursue a career in football?

– Motivation coming from my dad and the lifestyle of a footballer!

 Where do you aim to see yourself in 5/10 years?

– Playing overseas & national team

 How long do you foresee yourself playing football?

– Probably till my early 30’s, trying to achieve as many trophies and awards as I can by that age.

 Do you have any regrets throughout your career so far?

– So far there’s no regrets, been loving it so far!

 Any match-day superstitions?

– A must to listen to music! To get into the mood!

 Footballer you look up to?

– Mbappe & Ronaldinho.

 Favourite team?

– Manchester United & Real Madrid.

 Favourite football memory?

– Wow, don’t really have one in particular, enjoying every moment that I have with it.

What are the biggest hurdles you had to overcome to get where you are as an athlete?

– I do not really have one but if there is , i would say fighting for position in the team.

Who inspires you the most?

– My father.

What are your goals for your club/country?

– To bring them to another level! Bring back the best of Singapore National Team.

If you had children, would you encourage them to follow in your footsteps? Yes/No, Why?

– Yes definitely as a footballer!

Who is your biggest motivation?

–  My father.

Most memorable moment?

– Playing with U18 BKFC, 2017 Batch.

Most forgettable moment?

– Missing penalty during the semi-finals, if I had scored definitely my team will be in the finals. (U18 Balestier 2017)

If you could bring one player from anywhere in the world to play for your current club, who would it be and why?

– Paul Pogba!

Who was the toughest opponent you have faced so far?

– Hakim (Geylang U19 player)

Team Questions

Most serious in the team?

– Raihan Rahman, I think from the experience that he has, he knows what it takes to go far, so honestly it’s good that he is serious. It’s beneficial for the team.

Joker of the team?

– Hazzuwan Halim & Zaiful Nizam

Best and Worst fashion sense?

Best – Sufianto & Illyas Lee
Worst – None

Best and Worst music taste?

Best – Sufianto
Worst – none

Most vain in the team?

– I don’t think anyone of us are like that? Individually have their own style.

Most wayang?

– Daniel Goh? Hahah

Most angkat?

– Not sure though