Actualising Dreams, Activating Success. Igniting & Marketing Sports Talent… that’s what MOFeye is about!

Dear Singapore, Asia & Global Football & Sports Community, 

Are you a professional footballer or sports industry career individual who wants to be recognised and spotted by professional clubs & countries?

Are you an footballer who adamantly believes you can be a star?

MOFeye has a simple mission: identifying and promoting the best of Singapore, Asia and global Football & Sports talent, and to expose such talent to the wide audience MOF has. And we believe we can do it FOR YOU.

We at Ministry of Football Pte Ltd, or MOF our well known acronym, believe we can achieve exactly that. Two invaluable lessons MOF has taken away from six years of being at the heart of Singapore Football Community have been: one, the sportsperson needs help to be discovered and two, build, build, build that great ecosystem and community that allows individual passion & talent to be shared, and commitment and teamwork to thrive. 

We strive to work with the best football & sports players, coaches, athletes, teams & brands in Singapore, Asia & around the world, building services, courses, leagues with them… building invaluable experiences for you.

We offer this platform for you to be marketed. This site is purposed to serve you, and to promote your talents and abilities.  We hope this small step will begin a working, collaborate journey with us where together we can push forward to make sports in Singapore and Asia flourish. It’s a tall order, but we believe we can do it!

Interested to find out more? Talk to us!  Email to find out how we can work together, as we aim to promote truly great sporting talents!