Photo Credit: Singapore Premier League


Name: Muhhammad Jufri Bin Taha

Age: 34

Club: Geylang International FC

Position: Defender

Individual Questions:

When did you start your career in football?

– Started with Balestier Central FC U-12…….SLeague with Balestier Khalsa FC 2006 onwards.

 What made you want to pursue a career in football?

– Honestly, have always wanted to be either a pilot or teacher then lastly a footballer. Would actually not gone on pro until I received a call during NS from Coach Nasar asking if i’d like to join him…so why not.

 Where do you aim to see yourself in 5/10 years?

– On a vacation with my family. Hopefully still doing something for the football scene. Perhaps in a place where i’m suppose to be.

 How long do you foresee yourself playing football?

– Well, I believe I can still give a few years in the league. I know my body is capable of playing quite a while, till veteran league perhaps.

 Do you have any regrets throughout your career so far?

– No regrets, things happen for a reason bigger than it seems. Better to look back and cherish every moment.

 Any match-day superstitions?

– Not really…just focus, be happy and listen to some music.

 Footballer you look up to?

– The late Borhan, Roy Keane.

 Favourite team?

– Man Utd since a kid.

 Favourite football memory?

– Got lots of good memories, cannot really pick any 1 favourite.

What are the biggest hurdles you had to overcome to get where you are as an athlete?

– Passing my 1st Beep Test on the 7th try if i recall.

Who inspires you the most?

– My mother, my kids are my motivation.

What are your goals for your club/country?

– For Geylang to win a trophy and go into AFC, for Singapore to be able to actually be on par amongst ASIA’s giants, not just ASEAN.

If you have/had children, would you encourage them to follow in your footsteps? Yes/No, Why?

– I do have children (2). I won’t encourage nor discourage the girls. I wouldn’t mind them playing the game, which I doubt they would.

Most memorable moment?

–  So many moments that recall, no particular ones. Time spent with teammates away from family has always been the best. They are after all family away from family.

Most forgettable moment?

– Would’ve forgotten it by now.

If you could bring one player from anywhere in the world to play for your current club, who would it be and why?

– Park Ji Sung…to win the league. To improve the league.

Who was the toughest opponent you have faced so far?

– Myself, I am my own toughest opponent. There has been tough teams and players along the way of course.

Team Questions

Most serious in the team?

– The Mascot…..never seen it smile.

Joker of the team?

– Umar Ramle and gang.

Best and Worst fashion sense?

Best – Christopher Van Huizen
Worst – Me

Best and Worst music taste?

Best – For my taste, me.
Worst – For the team, me.

Most vain in the team?

– Umar, always looking at the mirror.

Most wayang?

– “Macam nak tackle je…”

Most angkat?

– None that i see.